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  • Dog Bite Prevention Tips for Parents, Children, and Dog Owners

    January 27, 2016

    Tips for parents and dog owners to help keep kids safe: The 3 Most Important Things to Teach Your Kids Dogs don’t like hugs and kisses – Teach your kids not to hug or kiss a dog on the face. Hugging the family dog and face-to-face contact are common causes of bites to the face….


    Dogs and Children

    Families who have children and dogs are often told two things: Never leave dogs and children alone together; always supervise All dogs can bite so supervise your dog when you have children over This is good advice, yet there are approximately 400,000 children between the ages of 5 and 9 who seek medical attention for…


    Preventing aggression

    December 20, 2015

    The majority of canine aggression can be blamed on poor breeding, medical issues, or a lack of socialization, all of which require professional help. Call us for advice if you think this sounds like your dog. Aggression is a normal response to stress even in well-adjusted dogs, which is why avoiding stressful situations is crucial…


    4 keys to long-term happiness with your dog

    1. Exercise. Give your dog plenty of exercise and you get a happier, healthier, well-behaved dog. Well-exercised dogs bark less, chew less, sleep more, and rest easier if left home alone. They are also much less likely to rummage through the trash or attack the couch cushions. Leash walks are great, but your dog needs…


    House training 101

    Potty accidents can happen even with adult, previously house-trained dogs. Don’t despair, we can handle it. Teach your dog to distinguish between indoors and outdoors by taking him outside to go in a designated area and then rewarding him with treats and praise. With a little patience and supervision, your dog will soon be fully versed in…


    Your first day with your dog

    Home introduction. When you bring your dog home, everybody will be excited and your dog may get a little overwhelmed. Let’s take it one step at a time: First things first – take him out on his leash for a potty break. When he finishes, be sure to praise him and play with him for…


    Preparing for your new Puppy

    It’s that time of year again and many of you will be considering bringing a new dog into your home for Christmas. As exciting as it is – it will pay off to plan ahead and get everything ready and in place before your dog arrives. Here are some tips to get you started: Must-have supplies/shopping list:…


    House-Training Adult Dogs

    November 22, 2015

    Shouldn’t an adult dog know where to go? Ideally, yes. And dogs are naturally clean animals. Given a choice, they will go to the bathroom well away from where they sleep and eat. But it is not at all obvious to dogs that carpets and floors are inappropriate toilets—or that the bathroom rules in one…


    Five Cold Weather Activities for Dogs

    All dogs need mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis to keep them happy and healthy. How much depends on a dog’s breed or mix, age, temperament, and health. In general, a young adult dog needs at least 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercise plus a good dose of mental stimulation. This can take…


    Benefits and Risks of Spaying/Neutering

    June 29, 2015

    When it comes to the spaying and neutering of their dogs, a lot of owners are on the fence or don’t have enough information to make a decision that’s beneficial to them and their pet(s). It is very important that before coming to such a decision you speak with your vet. They will be able…